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Barbara Shelly

Barbara Shelly's art reflects and represents current events in performing comes and politics, drawing from a long family line of activists and art lovers. She grew up in the 60's immersed in everything mid-century culture had to offer.  Her images reflect the 20th century as her art evolves in the 21st.  Her passion for the arts, admiration of leaders, compassion for humanity and hope for change emerge in her work.  Her dance, fashion and film background show up in her art as she makes the paint dance on the canvas.  


She found her voice through art and is a self taught mixed media artist.  She places images randomly, covering some for texture and highlighting others. The intentional and unintentional relationships to the subjects emerge in the finished work and leave room for the viewer's interpretations.


Barbara was the producer of the documentary film about the Central Pennsylvania Ballet.  The Film "Children With A Dream" received awards from "Dance on Camera" in New York and the National Educational Film and Video Festival Association, and it continues to reside in the PBS Film Library (having been shown frequently) and the New York Performing Arts Library.

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