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Cindy Bernier

Cindy Bernier’s long career as a dancer informs her painting. Her process is similar to choreographing a work. -- “ I play and explore, applying paint in a visceral, energetic, physical way.  I am interested in capturing the movement and stillness in nature and spirit-- Its’ beauty, clarity, chaos, craziness and sometimes perfect peacefulness.  Colors talk and behave differently with one another.  Brush strokes take on an expression of movement and energy.  Spaces of light and dark begin to sculpt out form.  For me, creating a painting is a kind of excavation in reverse.  Only by applying layer upon layer of strokes, space and color does a painting reveal itself to me.“  

In Connecticut Cindy Bernier has shown at the Lockwood Matthews Mansion, the Carriage Barn Gallery, the Ridgefield Guild of Artists and at Greenwich Art Society's Bendheim Gallery. She in New York City she exhibits at the annual Goddard – Riverside Community Center, WHAM Celebration. Currently her paintings are on view at Pictor Gallery, 547, West 27th Street, NYC. ​​ 

Cindy accepts commissions and is currently preparing a body of work for future exhibitions.

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