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Sally Eisenberg

Sally K. Eisenberg is an abstract artist based in Philadelphia, PA. A lifelong artist, Sally thrives outside the lines, expressing herself through various media, including acrylics, works on paper, mixed media, and photography. Her work brings forth a dance of light, color, and texture, evoking curiosity, and emotion. Solo shows have been held at Twenty-Two Gallery, 1241 Carpenter + Artspace, and Da Vinci Art Alliance. She has been a part of many group shows including the Philadelphia Sketch Club, ARTSisters, Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts (PAFA), Pictor Gallery, Fleisher Art Memorial, Naudain Art Collaborative, Da Vinci Art Alliance, 1241 Carpenter + Artspace, and the Long Beach Island Foundation for the Arts. She has been opening her studio for the last few years as part of the Center for Emerging Visual Artist’s POST (Philadelphia Open Studio Tours). Sally’s work is in private collections throughout the United States.




'My early days as an artist began with coloring, utilizing a small box of crayons and then graduating to the longed-for 64-piece set. I challenged myself to stay inside the lines. Fast forward to the present day - I have gone from staying in the lines to straying outside the lines and becoming an abstract artist. For me, the straying and looking beyond the obvious has helped influence my art and who I am today. Painting and creating in the abstract provide me with the wiggle room to be in the moment and see what comes up as I put color on my canvas. My paintings evolve. They start out one way and then, through gestures and layering, end up going in a completely new direction. In the words of Edward Hopper, “if i could say it in words, there would be no reason to paint.” Creating art is MY communication tool of choice. Painting in the abstract allows me to feel and express my innermost emotions and begin dialogue.

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