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Denise Adler sets out to create portraits and dreamscapes that express the mythic and legendary. Representative of the artist’s personal reaction to the world around her, in empathy, apprehension or disbelief. Both personal and archetypical these pieces are memorializing a moment in time. Her most recent solo show “In Quintessence” examined identity and it’s reflection in contemporary culture-the multifaceted connections between the internal; external and virtual, distilled into hybrid creations that illustrate a deeper sense of social reality.

Denise Adler


NYC based mixed media collage artist, Denise Adler studied with feminist artist Juanita McNeely in the 70’s when she attended Suffolk Community College. She then moved on to Buffalo State University for 2 years where she studied printmaking arts. After graduating from Hofstra University with a degree in Fine Arts and design, Adler published the book “Parallel Spell: 7 pictures 7 poems” in collaboration with the poet and writer Elena Alexander. In addition to being a founding member of Cultural Guerrillas group with artist Mary Jones. She is also a founding member of ArtSpeak Collective, a virtual gallery platform for artists, established during the pandemic with tech specialist Ginger Dhaliwal and artists Barbara Shelly and Laurie Murray. This led to the establishment to an actual artist run gallery on W27th St. in Chelsea, NYC, called Pictor Gallery.

“I am an artist because I have always loved the process of creating,” says mixed media artist Denise Adler. Having grown up drawing, painting and taking pictures, she taps into her imagination to solve visual problems: “It’s what makes me happy.” Her mixed media work often takes the form of drawing, painting and collage. Magazines, photographs, trash and found materials factor into the artist’s otherworldly portraits and dreamscapes. Mythology, legends and symbols inspire the creative process as well as emotional stimulus, whether that be empathy, apprehension or disbelief. Adler explores multifaceted connections between the internal, external and virtual realms; ultimately, distilling her visions “into hybrid creations that illustrate my sense of our collective human experience.” Currently, she shares a proper studio space in Chelsea. She’s currently working on an ongoing series of dreamscapes about aspects of her life and a Goddess series. “I am always working at expanding my work to incorporate a more ethereal sensibility,” says Adler, who also names getting “lost” and discovering “solutions in that vulnerability” as a primary process related to her work.

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