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Fang Sullivan


Fang Sullivan’s art training started early. At age 5, she was taught drawing and painting techniques by her artist parents, and went on to win multiple junior art competitions. She developed a unique sense of color while learning Impressionism and the use of pastels. Later, she had the privilege of studying under great artists at the School of Visual Arts in New York City and obtained her BFA degree in graphic design. She continues to draw and paint, while working as a professional Art Director in advertising.  Soft pastel is her main medium. She attends regular life drawing sessions at the Society of Illustrators  and the Art Students League. Her pastel art is currently on display at several online galleries. She is a  member of the American Impressionist Society. 

Artist Statement:

I love capturing the essence of life with my art. I have a unique approach to colors. My work captures  the subtle lights, reflections and hidden hues on the subjects. I enjoy soft pastel because it allows me  to easily mix colors with strokes, and quickly capture the mood of the moment. Every artwork I create is  inspired from life through an imaginative approach. The subjects are either close to my heart, telling a  story, or from a memorable moment. As an artist, I enjoy visually communicating my ideas and passions  to an audience. I hope my artwork inspires your imagination. I’ve documented my creative process with  time-lapse videos, which can be viewed on Instagram @fangsullivan.
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