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Judith Luongo


Judith Luongo is a licensed Creative Arts Therapist and Psychoanalyst. She has been in practice for 40 years and works with individuals, couples. As well as a clinical supervisor of Creative Arts therapists. Judith is a graduate of the Adult Psychoanalytic Training program at the Institute for Psychoanalytic Training and Research. She is also an Associate Member of the Institute for Expressive Analysis. Judith had the pleasure of being an Associate Professor at Pratt Institute in the Graduate Creative Arts Therapy Department .from 1977-2018, where she taught a variety of classes; served as chairperson; developed the Internship program and gave numerous workshops and presentations on Creativity Development.

Judith introduced the Open Studio approach to the Graduate Program which has now become an integral part of the curriculum. Her passion for the development of creativity has led her to a deepening of her own studio practice, as an artist, and a commitment to nurturing the art practices of therapists as a path towards continuing self discovery. In addition to being a working artist Judith is an aspiring writer. She has written

plays, poetry and many personal essays, and contributed a chapter to a colleague’s book on working with LGBTQ clients.


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