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Judith Luongo


Judith Luongo is a visual artist; and an Art Therapist/Psychoanalyst in private practice.
Her passion for the development of creativity in others and her conviction that honoring
one’s creative core is crucial to finding meaning and authenticity in life, has informed the ongoing deepening of her own studio practice. The work has moved from poignant figurative portraiture and dreamy landscapes to Judith’s ever evolving love of abstraction. Paints; paper; gold leaf; gel pens; charcoal; scrapers and markers of all kinds are employed to create an expression of that which is either “unspoken” or “unspeakable”; a part of the ongoing quest to “know thyself”. Judith has exhibited work at Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Cooperative; has been in numerous faculty shows at Pratt Institute and in group shows at Michael David & Co. and Pictor Gallery in Chelsea.
In addition Judith’s work has been published in the following literary/art journals:
Aadunanotes; Masque and Spectacle; Ratassreview; thehungerjournal; feralpoetry;
Expandedfield journal; Barzakk.


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