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Marco Lando

Marco Lando’ s photographic work is influenced by his New York theatre background. Combining existential plot lines, dramatic lighting, and surrealist stage design, the otherworldly mise-en-scenes he creates operate on a visceral, symbolic level. Always shot in black-and-white, and manipulated digitally, his imagery explores the human psyche, eschewing the rational and moral world in favor of the unconscious and instinctual. The absence of color lends a forensic quality to the uncanny nature of subject matter, and avoids pushing it into the realm of the sensational.

Marco Lando has recently shown his work at the Studio Psacaropulo Museum in Trieste (Italy), at the Site: Brooklyn Art Gallery and at the Viridian Artists Inc. both in New York City. In his project for the city of Ravenna (Italy), presented at the NiArt Gallery in 2020, he has adapted the ancient Byzantine tradition of mosaic in photo-based compositions. He has most recently presented the same project in a personal show in 2021/2022 at the Gobbi
Photo Studio Gallery in Urbino (Italy); he won the 2021 “Special Prize” for photography and digital art at the DeSidera Art Festival, was longlisted at the 2021 BBA Photography Prize in Berlin, and was a finalist at the 2016 WAC in Wells, UK.

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