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Untitled - acrylic on masonite 48 x 32", 2013

Ruth Antrich

Ruth Antrich is a painter, composer and world traveler who maintains a studio on the upper west side of Manhattan. Originally from London,England, Ruth attended Parsons School of Design in NYC, where she studied Fine Art. Her painting medium is most often acrylic and mixed media on hardboard, papier maché, glass and wood. For Ruth, the act of painting is a meditational experience as she intuitively creates boundaries, patterns and effects. She sets up visual rules to expand and break as she articulates her process. She finds expressive freedom within those parameters, building layer upon layer of colour and texture, while leaving areas only partially painted. Her work is held in private collections worldwide as well as at University of Wisconsin Library and the Victoria & Albert Museum in London, England.


Ruth’s work celebrates diversity, transparency, and the channels that connect the two. Some of her formats are functional, such as clocks, room dividers, and coffee tables.

For an inventory of Ruth’s work, including her musical compositions and blog “Chattings”, please visit

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