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TAFA, is an artist who describes his practice as meaning to “materialize the transient, the spiritual” within ordinary and commonplace social pursuits, such as organized sports and marches. As he says, “Sport is a metaphor for life. The arena or stadium is not just a physical space; it is the new synagogue, temple and basilica. There are gods and deities, worshipers and devotees. In a game, I see life's mysteries unravel.”

He also tackles socio-political issues like protests/marches where he dissects almost surgically, the atmosphere, philosophy and history of such issues. Some of his politically-charged work have created international controversies.

Primarily using the medium of painting—audaciously colorful oil and mixed media compositions that play on the edge of abstraction—TAFA derives insight from his observation of the dexterity of athletes. He draws connections between the spectacle of their performance and the mythos that is collectively woven around our human experience. His work evokes a sense of our deeply valued aspirations. As he says, “I am like the divine drummer,”

TAFA’s paintings have been exhibited in Europe, Japan, Canada, South America, Africa and the US. He has won several awards and his work has been collected by many public organizations and private collections including the Superior Court, Washington, D.C, Barclays Bank, Sparrow Hospital, Michigan, Shell Co, Ghana’s National Museum, Carver Federal Bank, and notable civic leaders including former President Bill Clinton, and former New York City Mayor, David Dinkins.

Artist Statement:

"The Mythic power and the hypnotic draw of the arena, the stadium, hold me captive when I face the virgin canvas."

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