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Terri Finch


Terry Finch is a New York artist who, after decades of viewing modern and contemporary art at museums around the world, six years ago decided to dip her brush in the paint box and signed up for a course at the Art Student’s League in New York City. 


She grew up in the Southwest where the shapes and colors of the canyons, mountains, mesas, and deserts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico were deeply etched in her right brain.  Her mountains, desert skies, and canyons are depicted as colorful geometric shapes that speak to nature’s magnificence and its powerful impact on the Southwest.


Terry believes that every successful painting is a collaboration between the artist and the canvas.  While the artist initiates the work, at some point the media and the canvas become actively involved in the evolution of a painting.  The end result is often quite different from what she initially envisioned. 

Artist Statement:

My passion for abstract and semi-abstract works done in acrylic and mixed media stems from decades of viewing modern and contemporary art in museums and galleries throughout the U.S. and Europe. For me, mixed media and abstract painting provide the opportunity to interpret reality and express my reactions to that reality through the use of colors, shapes, textures, and composition.

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