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Terri Fraser


Terri Fraser is an oil painter who focuses on the abstract representation of memories, nature & the mundane.  


Artist Statement:


I have been transitioning from the way I used to approach my work.  After being in isolation from the Corona virus, I decided it was time to jump.  I am both excited and anxious over the new works. I am an artist who paints in oil and plays with 3-dimension.  Both rely on my feelings towards reminiscences, nature, and the mundane.


When I paint, I create a grounding element with a grid.  The grid might be floating on the paper, but still feels like a structure for me.  From there, I play with foreground, background, and the elements of the obscure.  I have learned to quiet some of the noise I have in my head and allow the intuitive flow to create.  This is one of my biggest challenges.  The flow usually starts with the to do list, this is my grid.  When I finally force that out, the memories bubble up.  Memories of people, places, and things I have done.  This is when I work at focusing on one of those remembrances and allow it to channel into the painting. 


Sculpture is a little different.  They have always been about freedom of expression. The expression portion is formed in clay.  I love playing in the dirt and getting messy, reminding me of when I was that exploratory sensitive tomboy.  The clay expresses the way I feel.  The metal is to bring in another element of nature and to allow a sense of floating, while the wood and rock bases are the grounding forces. 

Like so many artists, I work at finding the true essence.  For me to bring a memory into a physical visual story means I must use how I felt/feel about it.  This way I remain true to the story and can share through a painting or sculpture.   Sometimes I know specifically what it is I want to say and other times it is more abstract.  Because these remembrances are not always clear for me, I paint between elusive and tangible abstractions. 

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